Hiring the right talent is always a challenge for organizations, here are 7 common mistakes hiring authorities should avoid to ease hiring pains.

  1. Avoid telling multiple candidates that they are perfect for the job and then never contact them again
  2. Avoid informing candidates they have a very urgent need to hire someone and then ghosting them
  3. Avoid making an offer to the candidate and then lowering it by $10,000 than the original
  4. Avoid postponing hiring and then overworking everyone in the department
  5. Avoid badmouthing previous employee in the guise of being “honest” which only makes the job sound awful
  6. Avoid having more than three people involved in the interviewing process, and not coming together with a clear vision what type of candidate you are seeking, thus everyone having a different opinions on the ‘right fit’
  7. Avoid taking more than 60 days to hire anyone and then giving up on hiring anybody because you’re attempting save face, in the midst of looking like a poor manager to everyone in the company