It’s astonishing that I have to emphasize this, but excluding vital information about your company and your role within it on your resume can lead to missed opportunities.

In just one week, I reviewed 223 resumes, and, shockingly, 52 of them did not provide any detail about the nature of their current or past companies. To put it plainly, these applicants failed to describe the industry or business area their company operates in. This omission suggests a lack of thoughtfulness that raises concerns about how effectively I can advocate for them.

Consider the sheer number of businesses in the United States – over 31.7 million. How can anyone be expected to intuit the specifics of a given company or its divisions, especially large ones with multiple diverse sectors, without explicit information? If you don’t clearly articulate the nature of your company or division and your function within it, the likelihood of landing an interview, let alone a job, diminishes significantly.

The necessity of making this point is somewhat mind-boggling. However, the frequency of encountering resumes that don’t describe what their company does has left me astounded. This crucial information is essential, so please don’t overlook it in your resume!