We have a large recruiting firm and, fortunately, are able to facilitate multiple candidate interviews.  The candidates understand their role in preparing and performing a good interview, with the goal always to receive a job offer.  Providing the hiring authority clear reasons why they ought to be hired is the basis in preparing for interviewing success.  At Babich & Associates, we offer candidates extensive job search training programs that prepare them for the most challenging interviewing methods.

However, even the smart and the qualified candidates still say thoughtless phrases or do tactless acts that prevent them from moving forward in the hiring process.

The list below are recent phrases that interviewers should avoid.

  • Informing or implying to the employer that you do not need the job or work

  • Requesting unlimited or advanced PTO to spend time with family or friends

  • Asking for an extensive start date

Understanding the interview process from the hiring authority’s perspective, to correctly interpret how you are being perceived, is pivotal for interviewing success.  Having the ability to ‘read the room’ can help filter our speech and maintain a communicative flow, that allows us to sale our assets and emphasis our strengths to advance the company’s goals and mission.