Everyone in an interviewing process needs to think about what their questions sound like and how they come across to the other person.

In this market, where the companies and the candidates are equally interviewing one another to discover if they are a good fit, being capable of answering effective questions in a respectful manner is key.

I have heard appalling responses from both candidates and hiring authorities when asked effective questions.


Hiring authority refused to answer candidates question regarding why the position was vacant by stating, “I prefer not to talk about it.” Leaving the candidate with a red flag in regards to the company environment.

On the other hand, a candidate refused to answer the hiring authorities question regarding a work experience and replied, “I do not want to answer that but I have a question for you.” Leaving the hiring authority confused and to lose interest.

In my book, Acing the Interview: How to Ask & Answer the Questions that Will get you the Job, I devoted an entire chapter regarding the inappropriate things that people say and do while they are seeking a job or a good employee.

The point is, being capable of answering questions effectively and respectfully from both a candidate and a hiring authority perspective is imperative, in landing the job or the candidate that could benefit each party involved.