Suggestions How To Increase LinkedIn InMail Response Ratio?

Every week or so, along with my recruiting, I run a very specific announcement on LinkedIn about a variety of good opportunities. Recently, that was the case, I announced a wonderful job opportunity in the Austin, Texas region. One of the project consulting firms and I have placed a number of people there over the years and they have a need for a salesperson. This opportunity is very unique, because they will accept experience selling high-end IT staffing services. This happens to be rare, for the tech industry.  The majority of project consulting firms look for experience in what they do and prefer a following.

A little background, I have placed three of the top salespeople in the country with this firm over the past few years. These guys can make more than $500,000 a year, which is even rarer in the project consulting business. On top of that, this company retains people forever and have very little turnover.  That said, this is a really good job opportunity and company.

What happened and perplexed me regarding LinkedIn?

I reached out to at least 16 candidates on LinkedIn and received responses from half, stating they were interested in pursuing the job opportunity. When the candidates reached out to me with statements of interest, I was excited. However, when I responded to each one of them, asking them to call me and discuss the opportunity further, all contact ceased. In fact, I reached out to each of the candidates twice and still have not received a response.

I am perplexed, I’m sure that the majority of these people do not have an opportunity to earn $500,000 where they currently are working. That said, not all compensation can be gaged by the wage. However, I am familiar with many of the firms that these people work for, and although they are nice people and companies, they are nowhere near the caliber of my client.

So, the question is, why do people accept the LinkedIn InMail invite for a new opportunity yet do not have the common courtesy to respond to the numerous attempts to connect afterwards?

Even a response to tell me they are no longer interested would be sufficient.

To be so rude as to simply ignore the request, is beyond my understanding.

Has this happened to you before? How have you handled it?

Please write with your suggestions and feedback.