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By: Tony Beshara
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…never take it personally


…today one of my candidates got called by an employer i sent him to a month ago…the candidate called him as the employer told him to do…candidate called the guy close to 25 or 30 times over two or three weeks…never got a return call

frankly, i and you know that is rude…i kept telling my candidate to keep calling…don’t take it personally…these hiring folks will tell you that hiring is a priority but not call you back even though they say they will…rude, rude, rude

well, today, out of the blue, the hiring authority calls the candidate, tells him that he’d like to see him tomorrow and talk about an offer…never apologizes or acknowledges his never returning the calls…nothing..

well, the job is a good, my candidate is going to go to the interview tomorrow and talk to the guy…

lesson…never take it personally…we won’t know why the employer didn’t return the calls, but the job is still good one and the candidate should consider it…

…it was a disaster..


…the saturday interviews…well, the CEO brought her six year old to the office with her…while she interviewed…

even worse…one of our candidates, who had his daughter for the weekend..(he’s divorced) couldn’t find a baby sitter on such short notice, so he took his eight year old daughter with him to the interview…with crayons and all…instructed her to wait in the reception area of the company..

between the CEO and this candidate, they talked about kids most of the time…very little about his qualifications, etc.

the other interviews didn’t go much better…it is hard to get someone’s attention when they have their six year old with them doing anything..

try not to interview on a saturday morning…stay home with the kids and watch power rangers or something like that!

saturday morning interviews


Hiring authority insisted on interviewing tomorrow morning…she is looking to replace her controller and doesn’t want the whole office to know it, so she decided to interview four candidates tomorrow…

I have never liked Saturday interviews…too casual…just isn’t business…we’ll see how it goes…

I guess it is better than no interviews…but it is still not the best environment…

we’ll see…

…great questions


my candidate got hired…in the second and third interviews he asked great questions:….”what is my competition like?…what do i need to do to make it clear that i am your best candidate?…are there any concerns about my experience that i need to make clear?… what, in your eyes, might be concerns about hiring me?…what, in your eyes, are my greatest strengths relative to this job?”

he asked strong, hard, confident questions..he wasn’t afraid to lose…he got hired!

Tip of the week

Tip of the week

The Bogus "Informational Interview"

Here's one example of the phony advice being offered to new graduates and other first time job seekers: "pursue informational interviews as a way to expose yourself to an organization". Supposedly, employers are willing to accommodate a fact-finding interview, an "informational interview", even if they do not have an open position.

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