Today one of my candidates got called by an employer I sent him to a month ago. The candidate called him to check in as the employer told him to do. In fact, the candidate called the employer close to 25 or 30 times over two or three weeks and never got a return call.

Frankly, you and I know that is rude, but I kept telling my candidate to keep calling. Don’t take it personally. These hiring folks will tell you that hiring is a priority but not call you back even though they say they will…rude, rude, rude.

Well today, out of the blue, the hiring authority calls the candidate, tells him that he’d like to see him tomorrow and talk about an offer. He never apologizes or acknowledges his never returning the calls. Nothing.

Well, the job is a good one, so my candidate is going to go to the interview tomorrow and talk to the hiring authority.

The lesson is: never take it personally. We won’t know why the employer didn’t return the calls, but the job is still a good one and the candidate should still consider it.