The holidays are among us, that said . . . . Happy Thanksgiving!

Being in the “people business” for over 44 years and dealing with both demanding issues of a business as well as rewarding experiences of running a business, I am convinced that it all boils down to having a proper attitude. With an “attitude of gratitude” one is able to manage life and work a lot easier with more grace, than those who view everything as a blessing or a calamity.

My best friend of 50 years and rugby buddy, Greg Lane recently shared with Chrissy, my wife, a great approach to just about everything should be to, “pause, pray and proceed”.  Often we get emotionally wrapped around the axle about all kinds of things that either happen to us or don’t happen for us.  We fret and fear the worst, especially stuff we cannot control.

In fact, psychologists tell us that 98% of the stuff that folks worry about they cannot control.

An attitude of gratitude, if you practice it long enough, instructs us to be grateful for every situation, even those we do not like.  That said, in a market as we are experiencing today, strength to endure inflation, lay-offs, and a probable looming recession is vital.

Therefore, if you are searching for a job or next career opportunity (which is our common theme on this blog) make an effort to face the rejections, the refusals, and the denials with as much grace as possible.  Being grace filled, is the main tip that will ultimately help you to be both mentally and emotionally strong enough to withstand the difficult seasons with thankfulness.

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