I do not typically reference specific individuals in this blog, primarily because I interact with literally hundreds of people and it’s a little partial to mention anyone in particular.  However, when someone does something so out of the ordinary, it bears mentioning.

About six months ago I sent a candidate to one of my contacts who was hiring, Casey Clark.  Casey’s job opening turned out to be a great match for the candidate however, the timing was not.  Therefore, the candidate gracefully turned down the job offer.  Casey, and his team, while disappointed refused to give up on the candidate.  Over the next few months, Casey kept in touch with the candidate by taking him to lunches and even a Mavericks and a Stars game.

Recently, Casey contacted me to state the candidate had started working with his company that Monday.  The candidate was impressed with the persistence and the engaging spirit.  All of the energy that Casey, and his team, placed into building a relationship with the candidate paid off.

Now, I will admit, there may not be many candidates that such an effort is worth pursuing with multiple activities.  But, I guarantee you that there are very few hiring authorities who are keen enough to recognize the candidates in which additional effort and patience is required.

Relational and appealing hiring strategies, applied by Casey and his team, happen so seldom it bears mentioning.  So, if you are a hiring authority and interview a really good candidate and for one reason or another do not hire him/her, build an engaging relationship with them.

Good candidates are difficult to locate and perceptive hiring authorities are a rare commodity as well.  When the two meet great business relationships develop, benefiting both the candidates and the companies.

Best of luck to both Casey and the candidate!