Vacations, I believe they are essential and I have taken a few extended ones myself, especially when our kids were young. However, rarely have I taken a vacation more than two or three days. Being gone more than three days, in the profession of recruitment, is very difficult to do while maintaining your edge.

I have seen multiple candidates, some who have been out of work two weeks, others two months and even a few for six months. Many of the candidates are professional and have earned in the six figures. I have had several candidates inform me that they could not go on the interviews that I scheduled for them because they were “on vacation”.

I wondered, “Vacation . . . from what?”

I know that sounds sarcastic and/or cynical, but what were they taking a vacation from? Multiple candidates that hadn’t had an interview in a month or six months and then I suddenly schedule them for an interview, only to receive a “vacation notice”. Blows me away!

This kind of thing happens every year. And I guess it’s simply a “timing” thing. But wouldn’t you imagine that if you’d been out of work for that long and needed a job, you’d figure some way to get to an interview?

Practicing cooperative actions with meeting family, friends, or attending extracurricular events after the interview, would be beneficial in a job search.

Telling me that, “I really need a job, but I’m going on vacation and can’t make an interview” makes me believe that you really don’t want a job badly enough.

How do you think a perspective employer is going to view your priorities when you explain to them that you need to reschedule an interview because you’re on vacation?

Word of advice, if you’re looking for a job it takes full-time committed efforts. Vacationing and extracurricular events are secondary.