It couldn’t be more simple than this. I had the good fortune of having an excellent candidate who I believe able to get four really great interviews with really good organizations. One of the firms said that they were really ecstatic about interviewing him, but couldn’t do it for eight days. One of the hiring managers has been looking for two months, thought the guy would be perfect but his “process” is to have his HR department talk to the candidate first. He said that he would have them get a hold of me and initially screen the candidate. That was a week ago and they still haven’t reached out to us. I called the hiring manager and left him a message that they had not reached out to us. He said he’d see what he could do.

One of the hiring authorities, after looking at the candidate’s resume said that he would call him right away even though he was on his way out of town. He did call the candidate right away and over the phone stating real good reasons why he ought to consider coming to work at the firm.  Even though he wasn’t going to be available,  he lined the candidate up with three people that he would have to interview with the encouraged those three people to really sell the company.

Even while the hiring authority was out of town, he called the candidate three times to see how the interviewing was going and expressed his interest in answering any questions that the candidate might have. My other clients moved at a snail’s pace in getting the candidate in the queue. Everyone admitted that he was a wonderful candidate and they could see hiring him, but their actions spoke so loudly I couldn’t hear what they said.

by the time to my clients were ready to interview my candidate for a 2nd round, the 1st company was making him an offer. The reason the candidate said he wanted to go to work for the 1st organization was because the guy that was trying to hire him was so attentive to getting him into the company. The hiring authority built a personal relationship with the candidate and made the company and himself really palatable.

People go to work for people. They don’t go to work for companies