When candidates lose out to a lesser candidate, of skill or background, due to lack of salesmanship when it comes to their qualifications or lack of interview preparation they often fall into the “blame game”.

A great example of this was a candidate I had who changed the interview time with the hiring authority twice, he did practically no research or preparation on the company or the person he was going to interview with.  The candidate went into the interview with a, “what you got for me?” attitude.  The hiring authority, obviously unimpressed, eliminated the candidate immediately.   When I relayed the elimination information to the candidate he stated, “Well, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”

No kidding, I thought.  He totally screwed up the interview.

Taking advice from trusted sources is the best way to see your blind spots.  In this case, I suggested the candidate should:

  • Reflect on what he contributed to the rejection notice

  • Modify and change his interview mindset and approach

  • Review results, once new interview tactics are applied

If a candidate does their absolute best in interviewing for a job, meaning they researched, practiced, and prepared themselves the best way possible and still are not hired.  All they can do is try again.

Michael Jordan stated this best,

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Do not waste your time blaming others, particularly if you do not try, merely reflect, modify, and review your process to be prepared for your next opportunity.