Most of the books and articles written about how to get a job are by theorists, who have not actually helped people find jobs!  So much of readers’ time and money is wasted on reading articles and books that have little value or no proven strategies.

My day-to-day responsibilities are solely concerned with finding people jobs. What are my qualifications? I have been successfully finding people ‘real jobs’ for over thirty years. After receiving a Ph.D. in Higher Education from St. Louis University, I began to forge a career working outside of academia – in the real employment world. I have personally placed more than 7,000 people, interviewed more than 24,000 people (of all professions), worked with over 21,000 different companies and have been adding to these numbers every day.

Babich & Associates, the firm that I work at (and once owned) has been in the placement and recruitment business since 1952. I joined the organization in 1973. We are the oldest placement firm in Texas and certainly one of the most experienced in the Southwest. Since its founding, the firm has helped more than 100,000 people find jobs.

Our developed surefire recruiting techniques help people find new jobs and new careers, every day. If you are new to this blog, I explore specific challenges of finding a job and a behind the scenes view in the hiring process in an ever changing economy.

The following are just some of the aspects I will continue to explore:

  • How a recessionary market impacts your personal job search or employment change

  • The psychological dimensions of finding a job in a changing economy

  • How to start taking action immediately

  • What to expect from potential employers

  • Searching for a new job while presently employed

  • How to manage the initial and all follow-up interviews

  • How to deal with being fired and laid off

  • Negotiating the highest pay

For continued practical and highly useful information on how to get hired with companies of quality, good pay, and work/life balance, please continue this journey on my blog site and share it with your friends/family.