Clearly educating yourself on everything you need to know about the job and then successfully interviewing with the hiring authority, leads to the next step; asking for the job.

How do you ask for the job in an interview?

Thoughtfulness is the key.  Placing emotional state aside and remaining focus on working the process till you receive an offer and start date is the goal.

A great example of a candidate that worked this process was Becky.

Becky was on her second interview with the hiring authorities’ system engineer. She had been on the video call with him for almost 30 minutes and knew that the interview was going well.

But lots of candidates realize an interview might be going well yet miss the opportunity to respectfully ask for the job.  Becky had the courage and the training to ask, “Are you going to tell the boss to hire me?”  While this may sound bold or aggressive, she had already built a rapport with the hiring authority and displayed enthusiasm for the company and position at hand.

She worked the process effortlessly.

The last three or four candidates this company had interviewed did not or would not simply ask for the job, let alone ask a subordinate of the hiring authority if they were going to recommend them.

The guy that Becky was interviewing with started laughing and said, “I just sent an email recommending we should hire you.”

Moral of the story: Preparing and executing a good interview are foundational; however once they are established complete the order of business by requesting the job at hand.