Since 1973, I’ve been tirelessly debunking a prevailing myth about job security. Despite my efforts, the misconception persists, so I want to set the record straight once and for all. The notion that there is more safety in working for a large company than a small one is simply untrue. Allow me to share the evidence I’ve gathered to support this claim.

Unveiling the Reality:

In recent times, the number of layoffs in both large and small companies has been staggering. Casting doubts on the supposed safety of big corporations, numerous prominent companies have announced massive job cuts this year alone.

Let me highlight just a handful of examples to drive this point home:

Amazon          Facebook         Microsoft        Google           SAP
Salesforce      Disney           Dell             Phillips         Ericsson
Flink           Gap              3M               First Republic      Ernst & Young
Deloitte        Lyft             David’s Bridal   HyLife Foods     Walmart
Hyland Software    McKinsey         Accenture        Indeed           Tyson Foods

These companies, among many others, have collectively laid off more than 77,000 employees since January. This extensive list serves as a stark reminder that job security cannot be assumed solely based on the size of the company.

It is crucial not to fall prey to the misguided notion that safety lies within the confines of big corporations. The evidence presented here underscores the vulnerability of employment, regardless of the organization’s size. Whether you work for a large or small company, it’s essential to remain proactive, adaptable, and continuously develop new skills to thrive in today’s dynamic job market.

By dispelling this myth, we empower ourselves to make informed career decisions and navigate the professional landscape with clarity and resilience. Let’s shed the misconception and embrace a more realistic perspective on job security.