This is one of the best jobs in most lives and on average lasts 50 years!

This position comes with:

  • No titles or promotions…just phases of the same job
  • No training programs to prepare for it however thousands of ‘ how to’  manuals but nobody really knows what it’s like until they do it
  • No committees…although it would be nice if there was to help  make decisions
  • Preparation for being unprepared makes a big difference
  • No expectations … it avoids disappointments
  • No ability to quit although you may run away  however wish you hadn’t
  • No PTO allowed, even when you are alone
  • No retirement benefits, not likely in this life
  • No 401k, maybe in the next life

The days and the nights are long, but the years are short and there are no peer reviews.  Anyone who has ‘been there’ knows better than to give advice.  Knowing exactly what to do will be a daily challenge.

If interested in this position be prepared to experience:

  • Anxiety and fear balanced by moments of joy held in the heart
  • Lack of awards, trophies or plaques
  • Frustrations where the only solace is prayer
  • Pain and joy all within the same hour
  • Unpredictability, the day you think you ‘got it down’… watch out

This position is a mission of the heart rather than a job of the mind and the body, although the beginning of it can be physically painful.  This position ends up being more of a calling than a job that you must ‘love’ even when you do not like it.  I mean really LOVE IT!

The hardest job in the world of course is . . . . being a Mom!


To all the moms of every type; Happy Mother’s Day! 

Thank You for Your Service.