Thanks to the thousands of hiring authorities and companies who have taught me, I am passing along my wisdom regarding the interview process.  The majority of interview topics are relatively timeless and learned.  I remember the effects of at least eight recessions, events like the dot bomb and 9/11 changed the way we practiced business. Lately, what has mostly changed the hiring landscape is the Covid pandemic. My business partner, Rich Lavinski, derived the following concepts below regarding successful post-Covid interviewing practices.

  • Never schedule an interview for less than an hour
  • Account for Video Time Consumption
  • Prepare for Distractions & Interruptions
  • Establish Interview Plan with Effective Topic Coverages & Next Steps
  • Value Face-to-Face Interviewing prior to hiring

Post-Covid interviewing effects are still going on. Some of them may never change, and some of them, like work from home policies, may change over time.  My continued purpose is to offer practical advice and help companies and hiring managers interview more effectively; throughout all various market environments.