When clients locate the perfect candidate, time is of the essence.  Waiting and delaying the hiring process increases your chances of losing the most optimal candidates.

Recently I had such a candidate, she had the follow:

  • A great personality
  • Met the clients professional requirements
  • Brilliant interviewing skills

The client requested we inform the candidate to wait a week, even after confirmation of a decision was stated to be in a few days.  The client requested the wait to interview last minute internal candidates.

Internal interviews are respectable preference; however many times companies are seeking to promote the idea of internal promotion even if the candidates are not qualified for the position.  Needless to say, our candidate was frustrated and thought the clients hiring process was ludicrous.  Acting out of her emotional state, she informed the hiring manager she was no longer interested in the position with a few extra ‘choice’ words via email.

Later, the hiring manager stated they were going to hire our candidate prior to the email but simply needed more time.  Overall, this was an unfortunate scenario; both sides would have benefited if they practiced a little more thoughtfulness.