Monthly Archives: June 2010

….great job brian

…brian goes to the final interview with the VP…he is one of four and the process has taken six weeks..
even the hiring manager is sick of this…he was suppose to have this hire done a month ago..but the “new” hiring process has two more steps in process  than it use to be and, of course it has e-l-o-n-g-a-t-e-d beyond reason..(they lost three candidates due to the process)
but brian is really the interview winds down, brian says, “do you have any questions concerning my ability to do the job?”…the answer was, “Not at all…”
so, brian says, “WILL YOU SUPPORT MY CANDIDACY…WILL YOU TELL MARK (the hiring manager) TO HIRE ME?”
brialliant!…turns out that brian was the only one of the four candidates that asked this…