Monthly Archives: March 2009

…i can’t believe it flight candidate…successful everywhere he has ever been…earned close to $1 million a couple of times…

goes to an interview i get him and call the receptionist “sweetie“… unbelievable…cost him the opportunity for the job..

twenty years ago, that would have been OK…not great, but OK…but it won’t work today..

never, ever be condescending, flirty, cutesie…anything but business…what a screw-up

…spring break of my candidates has been out of work for three months…i get him a very rare inteview and he tells me he can’t go because he has to go on spring break with his kids..

they are planning  a trip to san antonio for a week and he just can’t go….

now, keep in mind that he is almost broke..or so he says…desperately needs a job….and he is missing an interview to go on spring break….

can’t he join his family after the interview…or go down and come back for it???

where did our society get this attitude…maybe that is why he has been out of work for three months..

i’ve been doing this since 1973 and have seen ’bout everything…and am pretty understanding about most things

but i will never get this approach to finding a job….

i know i’m old…but when i was a kid, “spring break” was Good Friday, you got off from school so you could go to work at your part-time job… 

….those on linkedin

interesting…one of my candidates invited me to join his connections on linkedin…i did..

his boss, also in my candidate’s connections, saw that my candidate added me…his boss confronted him as to why he would all of a sudden invite a well known recruiter into his connections…i.e…”you looking for a job?”

my candidate was a bit stunned…his boss had a point..

so, best think about who is in your connections..or maybe, when you add them..

…changing the titles on your resume

the titles of  “account manager…regional manager…vice president…director..” and we can go on…can all be misleading..

can’t tell you the number of times that one of my candidates is passed up for an interview because the hiring authority misjudges their duties and responsiblities because of the candidate’s title…

any time the word “manager” is in the title you run the risk of being overlooked as an individual contributor because, after all, you have been “managing” other people…

lesson: don’t hesitate to change the titles on your resume if they are not very clear as to what you have done…

don’t give me that, “well, tony, that was (is) my title and i can’t help it if it keeps me from getting an interview”… unless, of course, you don’t want to get many interviews…

i’m not saying to lie..i am saying to make sure the titles on your resume help you get the interviews you need…