…till your butt’s in the chair

two weeks ago, one of our candidates got a verbal job offer…$150,000 plus commissions, etc…start date, end of november..maybe december…maybe the first of the year (..almost 3 months away)

i said, “that’s really strange….doesn’t make sense…” …i told him not to trust it…he should keep looking and not stop..he marginally agreed…but he was convinced he had found a job

friday, they call him and tell him the position has been put on hold..we feel so badly for him but there is nothing anyone can do.

lesson: don’t count on anything in this job market…until your butt’s in the chair (…and even then) …don’t stop looking for a good opportunity… keep interviewing…even if you get a written offer…once you start a job…and have been there a while, then shut the process down..

One thought on “…till your butt’s in the chair

  1. sparvierim@yahoo.com'Maureen Sparvieri

    Just wanted to share this story with you and has to do with employment. My son has been searching for a job for 10 months. Yesterday, out of the blue he gets an offer from a company that he never interviewed with, never applied to. He was ready to move for this job, even though the “red flags” were everywhere. Had to reply by 12 noon today with acceptance. He did do his research and found out several things about this company and a posted comment from a former employee. That comment was several paragraphs long and confirmed all of our suspicions!
    Needless to say, he told them no thank you.


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