job search tip 38An excellent technique to employ in the interview is tell stories that support the attributes you’ve applied to yourself. It is likely that in a group interview, especially if it is more than three people, you’re going to be addressing people with different personalities. The best way to deal with all of those types of people in the same environment is to tell stories. Stories bypass the listener’s conscious resistance and biases.

All of the best teachers in history told stories. People remember stories. Jesus Christ told parables and stories. The Bible is one long story. Buddha and Aesop told stories. Every great teacher tells stories. So, when you talk about your attributes to interviewing authorities, tell them in the context of a personal story. This is really easy to do and the stories don’t have to be long.

If you want to communicate leadership, talk about a time when you led a group of people in some endeavor. If you want to communicate competitiveness, talk about sports in high school or college. Tie the attribute that you want to communicate to a specific story about yourself. People will remember you better.