job search tip 23You must be aware of the hiring authorities “buying” motivations and how to sell to them. There are basically four questions any hiring organization asks of every candidate, whether they are applying for an entry-level position or to be the company’s next President. Those questions are:

  • Can you do our job?
  • Do we like you?
  • Are you a risk?
  • Can we work the money out?

As someone with very little experience, you need to concentrate on answering only the first two questions. You may need to address the third one, but not if you answer the first two well enough. To an employer, there is risk in hiring recent graduates or others just entering the workforce because they cannot look at your past performance record. The fourth question will impact your later career. Today, you don’t really have an ability to negotiate money because you aren’t bringing much expertise to the job.

So, focus on the first two questions. You have to convince the prospective employer that you can do their job and that you are a likable person. The latter issue is addressed by your interviewing style. It is real simple to do – when you understand the concept. I will present more on this in a later Tip.

The major concept that you are going to sell to a perspective employer is this:

I have been a really good, hard-working, dependable, intelligent, and loyal leader. I have also been a good follower with passion, initiative, commitment, and willingness to do whatever needs to be done. Therefore, I will be the same if hired by your company.

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