job search tip 12Here are a few sample goals that would have a positive impact to a job seeker:

1. “Today is the first day of my job search. I see myself waking up excited about the opportunity of finding a job. As I smell the fresh coffee that I pour, I feel confident knowing that I’m going to manage the process of finding a new job. As I sit, relaxing and drinking my coffee, I begin to think about executing the plan I made last night. I know that this is a little scary and I feel the trepidation of not knowing what’s going to happen, yet this is undoubtedly going to be an exciting day.”

2. “I see myself prepared for the day. I’ve already made 10 calls to set up appointments with prospective employers. I hear myself speaking to prospective employers, and I hear them grant me an interview. I feel the rush of success from knowing that I’m going to successfully sell myself on these interviews.”

3. “I see myself setting 10 face-to-face interviews each week. This is an average of only two interviews per day. I hear myself practicing the interviewing techniques that I’m going to use in each interview. I feel well-prepared for every interview I will have. I am confident. I feel great. I know that I am prepared and will perform extremely well in each of these interviews.”

You should write at least 10 of these goals in a very specific way. By reading them aloud, everyday, they will also become affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that will reinforce activity and your mental attitude. In this case, you are confirming with every sense that you will be successful in finding a new job. The more you positively reinforce the emotional and spiritual parts of your psyche, the more likely it is that the tangible side will follow. These goals must be recited repeatedly to create the effect the necessary.

Your specific job-search goals

Write 10 goals related to your job search based on what you’ve learned about goals. Research also reveals that a person cannot reasonably deal with more than 10 goals in any one focused endeavor.