…so this is what we decided was the right thing to do

…great candidate..she decided that she should tell potential employers that she was pregnant..

two of the companies she spoke to loved that she told them..said that they had lots of moms there and she would fit right in..one of them is strongly considering her..

two of the companies she interviewed with quietly said very little, but “passed” on her…never said a word as to why..but we all know why..

here was our rational..if she didn’t tell them and she went to work..left to have the baby and didn’t come back to work, which is always possible, that firm most likely would be very upset with her…

no matter what anyone says, it can really put a company in a very awkward position if they hire someone who leaves to have a baby in six or seven months…especially if they are a small firm that depends on every employee..

if a candidate who becomes an employee puts the company in a real pinch like this, the people in the company may really resent her not telling them…so, the right thing to do is to “treat others the way you’d want to be treated”…don’t suprise folks…

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