job search tip 41You may be asked to take all kinds of psychological, aptitude and intelligence tests. Be prepared for what I call, the paradox of testing. Every company that has ever tested candidates will say that, at most, testing accounts for only 25% of their final decision. Don’t believe a word of it! Whatever kind of test is used, from grapho analysis to psychiatric interviewing, it is a qualifier that you must pass with an arbitrarily set minimum standard. You will not advance any further in the interview process unless you meet that standard.

Companies use testing to objectify the hiring process. No one has to put their butt on the line and risk being the only person who wants to hire you if they rely on the test. That’s reality and it isn’t going to change.

You may be fortunate if you’ve just come from an environment, i.e. school, where testing is routine. Whatever you do, don’t say something stupid like, “Oh, my God, I’m absolutely awful when it comes to tests.” This may be true, but don’t tell a prospective employer.

Before you take the test, get lots of rest, eat a good meal, and relax. Do the very best you can. Look at it as a challenge. Take it in stride. Trying to prepare for it is useless. Do not be overly analytical or agonize over each answer, nor should you be flippant about the answers you give. Do not try to outguess the test! If your answers are based on what you think they are trying to find, you are finished. You can’t outguess them.