Just this past week we had candidates eliminated from being considered for jobs for these reasons:

not bring a résumé with them to the interview
not taking notes during the interview
not having any questions for the hiring authority when asked
being 20 minutes late to the interview… and not apologizing
falling asleep in a waiting room
perfume that you could smell three offices away
a candidate had gained  so much weight he couldn’t button his shirt collar when he put on a tie
the hiring authority thought she detected alcohol on the candidate’s breath
the candidate badmouthed three previous employers
the candidate claimed to be presently employed when he wasn’t
the candidate complained about the parking to the receptionist

I wish I could tell you that I was making this stuff up… we deal with a pretty high level, professional group of candidates and this stuff still happens…

Fortunately, we are a large organization and many of our other candidates did very well…

I sometimes think I know why people have trouble finding a job…