…”but i was making $130,000 three years ago!”

great candidate…top performer every place she has ever been…took two years off to have a baby…fair enough…now needs to find a job…

no way of her knowing that the market is really tight…she figures, like most top performers, that there is always room for a winner..

we don’t get that many interviews because: 1. the market is tight ..and 2. she has been out of the market for two years…

after three months and only three interviews, we get an offer…$90,000 salary plus commission…she said that she was probably going to turn it down because …”i was making $130,000 three years ago!”

well, it isn’t three years ago and this is a much different market… she eventually accepted the offer…it is a great company and she will have a great future..

lesson:..what you made three or four years ago was three or four years ago..the market is different now..no one is intrinsically worth any amount of money

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