…spring break

..one of my candidates has been out of work for three months…i get him a very rare inteview and he tells me he can’t go because he has to go on spring break with his kids..

they are planning  a trip to san antonio for a week and he just can’t go….

now, keep in mind that he is almost broke..or so he says…desperately needs a job….and he is missing an interview to go on spring break….

can’t he join his family after the interview…or go down and come back for it???

where did our society get this attitude…maybe that is why he has been out of work for three months..

i’ve been doing this since 1973 and have seen ’bout everything…and am pretty understanding about most things

but i will never get this approach to finding a job….

i know i’m old…but when i was a kid, “spring break” was Good Friday, you got off from school so you could go to work at your part-time job… 

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