…doing something for the less fortunate

i know things may not be going so well for you…in a lousy job..not making enough…or out of work for a long time…having to file bankruptcy…can’t even get good interviews…

along with being grateful, praying and listening to positive stuff try doing something for someone less fortunate than you…and yes, there is someone…probably lots of “someones” who are less fortunate than you…

find ’em…do something for them..completely outside of yourself..listen, really listen to their problems and, for a moment, forget your own..

volunteer …and if you don’t think you have time for that..you really do and you know it…you can go to the soup kitchen and feed the hungry one hour a week..

clean up the alley…there are thousands of things you can do…the more you do for those less fortunate, the more will come back to you in other ways

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