…keeping motivated

when the news sucks, like it does, and you are either out of work or anxiously looking for a job while you have one, it is easy to get down…some even get depressed

so many folks today have never had to look for a job or haven’t seen such a difficult job market..

the first thing to do is to take massive action toward looking for a new job…but one of the most important things you can do is to read motivational books, listen to motivational tapes and CD’s, pray, feed the spirit and stay around positive people..

the world is a negative place…blame adam and eve or anyone you wish, but the world is simply negative…there is much joy, beauty and awe, but life on this earth is plain old difficult…even in the best of times…we are born crying and childbirth is painful

we have to be constantly “overlaying” the negative…one of the downsides to “job search groups” is the principle of “confirmation bias”…we look for things to confirm our bias…so if we are sad and poor we look for others that are sad and poor, then justify our thoughts and feelings by saying, “see, everyone is sad and poor”..

so, constantly overlay the negative…your car radio should be loaded with tapes and CD’s…quit listening to the (bad) news.. be reading tons of positive books…be around positive, up beat people…stay motivated, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally…this takes a lot of work to do, but it really makes a difference

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