…as long as we are talking ‘spiritual’

as long as we are on this subject let me share with you a practical way of “giving”…and the wonderful return

it has to do with being as kind, patient, understanding and even forgiving to and with people you encounter in your job search that could irritate you and down right make you mad, angry and frustrated..

these are the people, hiring authorities, interviewing authorities…anyone you encounter in the job search, that are rude, or tell you what they think at the moment that turns out to not be the truth…(lie!) .

you know that you are vulnerable..looking for a job is very emotional and difficult…you are senstive to what people tell you and how they treat you…and often, it just isn’t nice..

welllllll…forgive them…get over it…they are spiritual beings acting human….they are so wrapped up in themselves,  they don’t know they are running you over…

since you are sensative, you take it personally…it isn’t personal…soooooo, forgive them, pray for them..be even kinder to them…let them know you appreciate their sitaution if you get the chance..

the big payoff…it will make you feel better

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