… lessons from the new pope

One of the attributes of our new Pope, Pope Francis is that of humility… we don’t see a lot of humility in the world today and it made me think how that attribute of is a great lesson for both job seekers as well as hiring authorities…

Often candidates think that when you sell their features and advantages and benefits to a prospective employer they have to be less than humble and that’s not true… you can still be really good at what you do but present in a humble way… and that’s the key

If you are a job candidate and a have particular skills and attributes that have made you successful, it’s imperative you present those to a prospective employer… but the way you do it, with humility, makes all the difference in the world

Prefacing your features/advantages/benefits presentation on yourself with comments like, “I’ve been very fortunate to be blessed with gifts and I’ve tried to hone them…” or “I’m grateful for the attributes  God has given me, they have been benefits to the companies that I’ve worked for and would be for your company too…” or “I was a little bit better than average in my accounting skills, but fortunately one of my mentors pushed me as well as disciplined me to carry them to the highest degree…”

Make humility part of your skill set… using words like “fortunate… blessed… grateful” etc. will make all the difference in the world

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