… so how many interviews do I have to get to get a job?

Most people don’t recognize how many interviews, on average, it takes to get a job… if you ask most people, even professionals, they  speculate that it takes four or five initial interviews to get a job offer… well, the truth is that it takes 14… then you read it right… 14…

That’s 14 initial interviews to eventually get an offer that you would like to accept it… this average is based on the 2012 statistics of our recruiting firm… we place professionals in Sales, accounting, engineering, banking, IT… everything except healthcare… the range of these numbers are seven interviews for the people in IT to 18 interviews for people in sales

Most people aren’t aware of just how difficult it is to even get 14 interviews or how long it takes… it could take months… even a year… this number may change as the economy gets better… but you need to be aware of it…

This means that if you were a job candidate you need to take massive action to get interviews… you can’t rely on sending resumes over the Internet, or on friends to help you, or family… you got to pick up the phone and call as many people as possible and get an interview… you got get 14 of them to get a job

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