…the ‘duck blind’ test

…i often talk about the fact that much of the hiring decision is based on the question of “do we like you?”..the answer amounts to 40% of the hiring decision..most hiring authorities won’t admit to this, but they decide this way..

this week the CEO of one of the companies we work with…a $500 million company…started from scratch by the CEO..on its way to $1 billion… shared one of his hiring criteria…he said:

“after we decide we think a candidate can do a good job for us, we ask ourselves ‘would we want to be in the duck blind with this guy..(or gal)’…if our answer is ‘yes’ we are likely to hire the person.’

now, if you have ever hunted ducks for any length of time, you get exactly what the CEO was saying…most of us duck hunters know that the time you spend in a duck blind isn’t shooting ducks..(i wish) it is quietly waiting for them in the rain, sleet, snow and cold…now the folks you are with in the duck blind make a tremendous difference in the success and enjoyment of the hunt…being in a duck blind with someone you really don’t like or don’t want to be around is absolute a-g-o-n-y…it is absolutely a-w-f-u-l…even if you don’t duck hunt, think about the kind of person you’d like to be within one foot of in a dark, cold, wet, rainy 10 ft. by 3 ft. box quietly waiting for ducks for 4 or 5 hours…when the ducks don’t fly, you are gonna talk with the folks in the blind…and what if you don’t like ’em???

get the picture???…think about it..that is about the quintessential ‘do we like you’ test…’would you want to be in a duck blind with this person’….brilliant!!

so, just know that the folks you are interviewing with are asking themselves and each other, ‘would we want to be in a duck blind with this person?’

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