….why we are really here

Most people would answer the question of “Why are recruiters in the business?” with the idea that if you’re real good at it (and that’s pretty rare) that the person can probably make some really good money. Once in a while, you’ll find somebody that will give it a little more thought and come up with, “to help people.”

This week was really fun and gratifying. One of our newer recruiters, Amanda Martinez (been here right at a year) placed a lady in a human resources manager’s position. The lady was so thankful and joyous; she started crying with joy when she accepted the offer. Of course, that’s the first time that’s happened to Amanda and, I will admit, I don’t ever remember it happening before. The lady was so overjoyed at getting the job she thanked Amanda profusely.

The feeling this gave Amanda will last for as long as Amanda remembers the experience. The money will always come and go. It will go long before this feeling will ever end.

It is moments like this that is the real payoff in this business. That’s why we’re really here!

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