…….A 25 year recruit

It’s often very hard to explain our business works. Some people think we simply send a few resumes, make a couple of appointments and charge a big fee. I quit trying a number of years ago to explain to people how it works. And even after all these years, it’s still a mystery. And frankly, I’m humbled by the whole thing, every day.

But once in a while things happen that make it just plain so much fun. And last week one did. I placed a candidate. I got him only two interviews. It took me 25 years to do it. When we met 25 years ago, obviously we were both a whole lot younger. I got him one interview then and he didn’t get the job. Every three or four years, he would call me when he needed a new opportunity. Every three or four years I would call him with an opportunity for his kind of background. The timing for each of us was off every time we connected. When I would call him, he was happy with what he was doing and wasn’t interested in moving. When he’d call me in need of a new opportunity, I simply couldn’t find anything for him. I couldn’t even get him an interview.

But last week, an opportunity came along that fit him perfectly. I made two calls, got him the interview and after two subsequent interviews with our client, he got the job. He did it all within three days.

Our profession is simply one of timing. It’s really simple, but really hard to do. Sometimes it just takes 25 years.



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