…… “well, Tony, I’m not going to take the shots so I guess they’re going to fire me, can you help me?”

John went on to try to explain to me that he just wasn’t going to take that vaccine no matter what. He gave me all kinds of excuses, but what it came down to was, he just didn’t want to. the whole thing was a hoax and a scam, etc. to him. He was nice about it… wasn’t angry. He just said that he wasn’t going to take the vaccination and therefore his company was going to fire him and he wanted to know what I can do to help them find a new job.

The unfortunate aspect about this is that he’s only been on this job for three months. So, I asked him, “how are you going to explain to a new, prospective employer that you quit your job before you got fired because you weren’t going to get vaccinated.” Now whether an employer may or may not agree with the whole vaccine mandate they are going to have to deal with it. None of us employers like it, but we all have to deal with it. It doesn’t matter whether we agree with the vaccine are not.

Think about John’s situation. I advised him that he ought to take the vaccine unless he has an underlying medical reason of why he shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter whether I agree with the vaccine or not, anybody that gets fired because they won’t take the vaccine is going to have a real hard time finding a job. A prospective employer isn’t going to get hung up so much on the vaccine issue itself, they are going to get hung up on the fact that a potential employee would sacrifice their job over the vaccine. What that implies is that the potential employee may just as easily balk at one of their policies should they be hired. Most hiring authorities think, “we already have enough problems, there is no reason to run the risk of hiring someone who might give us more problems. We will just interview someone else.”

John is going to create a mess for himself. It turns out that he is simply being stubborn about the whole thing, has no underlying medical issues for not getting vaccinated. He finally admitted that he was an official “antivaxer.”

I don’t like being told by the government what to do over my own personal life either. But in my case, I’m running a business John is trying to keep his job, or if he has to, find another one. Arguing over this issue is nothing but a waste of time.

John, keep your job, get vaccinated!

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