…….collateral materials

One of my candidates who studied my online program …www.thejobsearchsolution.com, was one of four finalists for a V.P. of the West for a company. He goes into the executive interview with the CEO, the Exec. V.P. and two other V.P.’s…he makes a presentation of what he would do in the first 30-60-90 days with a plan modeled after what the program taught him.

He gets the job. Turns out he is the only candidate that did anything like that….$250,000 base and with bonuses he will make $500,000…not bad for simply following instructions.

Other forms of collateral materials:

  • psychological test results
  • intelligence test results
  • business cases
  • recommendations…previous employers…clients
  • certifications
  • publications of books or articles authored
  • honors and awards
  • “brag books”….documents, letters, recognition of performance, sales or performance rankings..

Anyone can come up with their own collateral materials. Just remember that they can set you apart from other candidates.


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