…..your references

As long as we are talking about references, I wanted to mention something that happened a month or so ago and happens a number of times a year… and it’s a great lesson of what not to do

DO NOT put your references on your resume. We had a candidate that had his references on his resume. He sent the resume into a perspective employer (not our client). The employer liked the resume and the places the person had worked.

Instead of calling a candidate for an interview, however, the hiring authority called two of the candidate’s references and invited them in for an interview. The candidate had not only put the names of his references on his resume but also their titles and phone numbers. One of the references called the candidate and actually told him how he had gotten the interview. The candidate was not very happy. He mentioned to us he thought it was very unethical for a hiring authority to do this kind of thing. Not true!

It is nothing of the sort. The hiring authority is trying to find the best candidate he can, anyway he can and your references are as good a place as any to get them.

The lesson is, don’t put your references on your resume.

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