…this again ?????

It’s unbelievable that I’m even going to have to go over this again. If you are looking for a job DON’T SMOKE DOPE or do any kinds of drugs.

This week we have a candidate who is going for a drug test after having accepted a job at a very conservative company. The company informs him that he is going to have to take a drug test and he tells our recruiter that he’s very worried about it because he’s been smoking marijuana. He’s concerned that the marijuana is going to show up in the drug test and he isn’t going to get the job.

So, I guess you ask, “How could someone be so stupid as to be smoking dope or doing drugs while they are looking for a job, knowing that it’s likely that the people who are going to try to hire them are going to give them a drug test?” I have absolutely no idea how to answer that question.

Simple lesson: don’t smoke dope or do drugs! Even if you arenot looking for  a job…it ain’t good for you!

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