…..lesson from Luka

 This kid is a blast to watch. It’s not only that he is so good…. Probably about as good as anybody has ever been. Only the future will reveal that.

But what makes this kid such a phenomenal player is that he is just out there having fun. He’s laughing all the time, even when he misses. It doesn’t matter that you can argue that he’s better than LeBron was at his age or Kobe. What matters is he’s having fun. He takes what he does seriously, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s intense, but relaxed.

Now, I know one could say, “Well if I was that good, I could be that relaxed.” One thing about basketball is that all of those players are so darn good, playing against each other, we have a tendency to take for granted how good they really are. But when you see someone that good having that much fun competing you have to just admire it.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the work ethic of Kobe. Luka obviously has a phenomenal amount of talent, and you got to know that he works his rear end off. But he is still having fun. He laughs and even pokes fun at himself. Now, I realize it’s a whole lot more fun when you win and a person probably laughs more when they’re winning. But even when this kid is losing or misses a free throw, he laughs about it.

So often we get so wrapped up in what we do and take ourselves so seriously. We forget to have fun. We forgot to laugh.


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