…..Robert Mueller’s “interview”

If Robert Mueller had been a candidate in a job interview he would’ve failed miserably. It was one of the poorest displays of answering questions that I’ve probably ever experienced in the 46 years that I’ve been doing this. It was awful!

“Who hired you?”…. “I don’t really remember… I’m not sure… Clinton?”…

The guy answered questions with, “That wasn’t in my purview.” He was nervous, unfocused, wasn’t sure of some things and couldn’t remember others.

Age discrimination!… You say? Well, he is 74, but he supposed to be one of the most trained minds in the country. I felt sorry for him. But if he had been one of my candidates, I would’ve trained him a whole lot better, and if he’d performed like that I’d been really pissed.

I know Robert Mueller doesn’t need a job, but if he performed like he did the other day in an interview, he’d still be looking for one.

The lesson? Go into an interview prepared. Practice the answers to the questions you know you’re going to get. Like many “candidates” this guy is brilliant and he is good at what he does, but when you don’t prepare for an interview and you don’t do well the interview becomes a disaster. People feel sorry for you, but they don’t hire you.

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