……get over it

“I turn on the tube and what do I see                                                                                                           A whole lot of people cryin’ ‘Do’t blame me’                                                                                             the point their crooked little fingers at everybody else                                                                           spend all their time feelin sorry for themselves                                                                                       Victim of this, victim of that                                                                                                                          your mom is too thin and your daddy’s too fat                                                                                           Get over it!”

— Eagles, 1994

you lost your job, you got fired, your company Went broke, you screwed up the interview, he came in second for the offer and you knew you were going to get….. And it just ain’t fair!

Get over it! The sooner and more quickly you get over it the better you’ll be able to find a new job. Just today I had an excellent candidate with an excellent track record go to an interview with a client I’ve known for a number of years. The kid was perfect for the job.

My client really wanted to like him…said that he tried every way in the world to like the kid. But the kid kept talking about how his company was screwing him over. The hiring authorities said that the kid use that term no less than four times in the first 10 minutes of the interview. What is interesting is that the kid is working for a competitor of my client and everything the kid says is true….but you just don’t keep saying it in an interview.

When I told my candidate that he turned my client off by being so adamant about how he got screwed over, instead of saying, “you know, I shouldn’t put it that way. I need to be more careful,” he says, “well it’s true! And I just can’t get over it.”

I explained to him that if he talking this way about his previous employer and if he doesn’t quickly “get over it” and continues to make such statements, he’s going to be looking for a job for a really long time. He’s a kid. He’s very good at what he does but, he’s still a kid. He then spends two or three minutes defending himself to me and telling me the same things he had told me in my face-to-face interview with him last week and what he told my client.

I told him he needed to get over it and I really don’t have time to try to explain it any more than that. I explained to him that, if he can’t get it, it’s senseless for me to get him any more interviews.

He calls the back 45 minutes later and tells me that I’m right and that he’s going to do everything he can to “get over it,” because he needs to find a new job. Of course, I didn’t rub it in. There’s no reason to do that. He does have a good track record. He just needs to get over his hurt feelings and move forward.

The sooner you get over all of the negative things that are going to happen to you that either caused your job search to begin or happened in your job search, the better off you are.

And as the Eagles sang: “the big, bad world doesn’t owe you a thing. Get over it!’


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