…..Remember Michael, the manager

I wrote about him a couple weeks ago. I wrote about the fact that he was so smart to  take his Number Two candidate to lunch with his other sales guys and explain to him that it was a close race but they were going to make the offer to another candidate.

The candidate, although disappointed, couldn’t be too unhappy because Michael was so darn nice about telling him no.

Well, guess who Michael hired this week… this same candidate. Michael went to offer his Number One candidate the job, and the candidate put him off for one week, then hesitated another day or so. Meanwhile, our candidate kept emailing Michael, checking in with him, letting him know that he was still available, even though he was interviewing at other places, and still liked Michael’s opportunity. Michael got tired of his Number One candidate’s attitude, so he called up our candidate and offered him the job.

Michael made a great choice. (Interestingly enough, our candidate was in the process of getting another offer. Our candidate wanted to go to work for Michael because not only was it a better job, but Michael is an outstanding manager).


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