….good for joseph

I have known Joseph for more than 20 years. He is a software sales guy and, looking back, I placed him twice in the 20 year period. Being in the software business and being 63 years old, he’s had a really hard time finding a job in software. Unfortunately (nobody admits this) the hiring authorities mostly choose younger kids. But I got to give Joseph credit for the years of determination. There is no doubt that he has been a great sales guy for some really great companies. But the past few years have been tough.

So, Joseph calls me up a week or two ago and says, “Tony, a number of years ago, I very successfully sold staff augmentation services. I was really good at it. Call a number of those people and tell them all go to work for a $45,000 or $50,000 base salary plus commission. I know it’ll probably be a far cry from the $220,000 earnings that I’ve had before in software, but I need a job and over time I can take that kind of money selling IT staffing.”

So, I went to work. I called 10 IT staffing firms that I’ve done business with before. I was pretty blunt with them about the deal Joseph was willing to make with them. It’s really interesting, that profession is predominantly represented by millennial’s with a few gen Y’s. After nine rather polite “no’s” one outfit thought it might be a great idea.

Joseph’s energy, determination, passion and commitment came through. The company hired him at $70,000 salary plus commission. They are thrilled and I guarantee you Joseph is going to be a tremendous addition to their sales organization.

I was blessed to have made four placements this week. One of them, I had been working on for two months which had died and come back life at least three different times. But none of them were as gratifying as Joseph’s getting that job. In fact I don’t think any of the placements I’ve made in the last number of months have been as gratifying as Joseph’s success.

There are literally hundreds of software and high tech sales guys who I have literally “grown up” with over the years. The majority of them are between Joseph’s age and older. The vast majority of them are complaining all the time about how their age is “against” them. It doesn’t do one damn bit a good and it gets them absolutely nowhere. There’s a great deal of them that have been unemployed for more than a year, some more than two years.

Joseph should make us all proud. He’s a really good guy. He makes a great presentation of himself, is personable and people like buying from him. I have to admit that it was his idea for me to call the staffing firms. It did take 10 of them before I found one that would listen. They got a great employee who will make them a lot of money.

If everyone Joseph’s age who can’t find a job thinking it’s because of their age, took Joseph’s attitude and approach, I wouldn’t get the complaints I do.

Good job Joseph!



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