spelink and gramner on your resume

…i’m often criticized for my fat finger typing and apparent abhorrent spelling…it is OK when you own the company,..

IT ISN’T OK ON YOUR RESUME..make sure you have your resume proofed and read by a few folks…it isn’t fair, but employers will often eliminate a candidate because of poor grammar and spelling mistakes..

Just this week we had a candidate for an administrative manager position eliminated by one of our clients because her resume was written so poorly… poor grammar, sentences that weren’t, and some glaring spelling errors.

Amazingly enough, she got mad at our client. She said she’d been using the resume for a month and nobody had complained about it. I can’t imagine why she was complaining, but she was. She still didn’t get hired.

And you can’t say, “Well tony beshara doesn’t spell very well either”… tony beshara has a good job that he loves…not a good excuse..

p.s. don’t write your resume late at night when you are tired and get it proofed by many people

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