…shawn listened

shawn goes to negotiate a comp plan as he is accepting the job…he skillfully postpones talking about money until the very last issue..

when the converstion about money came up, he simply said, “lets get a few more things clarrified and then we can talk about money…”

so, he gets a clear understanding of everything  about the job…and then they trun to money…he asks the hiring manager what they had in mind..(he knew all along..just wanted to hear it again)..

after he hears the answer, he states that he can do more than the reqirements…he enumerates all of the value he brings to the company…he reviews his past performance, he reminds them why he is the best candidate…gets them to agree that he is pretty unique…then simply tells them that the job is worth $15,000 more than what they want to pay..and reminds them of the value he brings…

they agree to think about it…he is gracious and not flustered..

keep in mind, he doesn’t have a job now…in fact, he has been out of work for a while…doesn’t even have another offer…or even close to one…

we’ll see what they say…

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