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Job Search Tips

Tony Beshara
  1. Psst, Hey Buddy... Wanna Hot Job?
  2. The Bogus "Informational Interview"
  3. How To Get a Job in 25 Words or Less
  4. 9 Job Search Do-Nots
  5. Understanding Your Competition
  6. Put on a Suit to Make a Phone Call!
  7. Play to Your Own Strengths
  8. Finding a Job is a JOB!
  9. Psyche Out the Negativity
  10. Bend it Like Beckham - Make Goals
  11. The Rules for Writing Goals - Be S.M.A.R.T.
  12. Power Goal Compilation
  13. The Right Place at the Right Time
  14. Job Fairs - Beauty Contests or Guerilla Marketing?
  15. The Virtual Wastebasket of Emailed Resumes
  16. Employment Agencies and "Up Front Fee" Consultants
  17. Recruiters Can Help!
  18. College Career Centers
  19. Trust the Process
  20. But I Left Him a Voicemail
  21. Employers - Alpha Dog or Runt on 'Roids?
  22. 4 Generations in Your Work Force
  23. Do YOU Know What the Employers Want
  24. Do You Have What it Takes?
  25. Resumes - Necessary, But Not Much Else
  26. The Real Power Behind Resumes and Cover Letters
  27. Do Your Homework First
  28. Karma Will Help You Get a Job
  29. Get Ready for the Phone Screener
  30. When the Initial Interview is Done by an Interviewing Authority
  31. Interviewing with Your Future Boss
  32. Top Interview Mistakes
  33. Don't Be Afraid to Take the Next Step
  34. The Interview Doesn't End With the Interview
  35. The Follow-Up Interview
  36. Overtime Could be Sudden Death
  37. Round 2: Questions YOU Ask
  38. Tell Your Story
  39. Hey! Hire me!
  40. Try to Avoid the "Social Interview"
  41. Testing - What Kind of Animal Are You?
  42. Interview Cheat Sheet
  43. "Do You Have Any Questions for Me?"
  44. If You Don't Get Hired, Stay in Touch!
  45. Don't Relax Yet - Keep Working!
  46. What and When to Negotiate
  47. Making Your Decision
  48. How to Refuse an Offer
  49. Factors Involved in Negotiation
  50. Negotiating For New Professionals
  51. Mentors and Other Tips
  52. Winning Round Two
  53. So, You Want How Much Money? Oh My!
  54. Accepting an Offer
  55. Final Step: Show Up on the Job!


By: Tony Beshara
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