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Employment Agencies

Tony Beshara
Job Search Tips Relating to Employment Agencies

Employment Agencies and "Up Front Fee" Consultants

Employment Agencies and "Up Front Fee" Consultants

There are many types of employment agents and recruiters. Today, most do not charge the candidate for their services. This was not always the case. From the 1960s through even the early 1990s, the candidates, or "job applicants" as we called them then, paid all or some of the recruiter’s, or employment agent’s, fees.

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Recruiters Can Help!

Recruiters Can Help!

Many recruiting professionals offer services at no cost to the candidate. These recruiters fall into several categories and each may assist your job search. It is important that you understand these categories and target your discussions with them appropriately. Recruiters include:

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By: Tony Beshara
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